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Company Address:Suite 2707, Tower A, No. 325 Tianyaoqiao Road, Shanghai, China.
Postal Code:200030

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Company News
Publishing:10/29/2012 2:18:30 AM

With the entry of Russia into the WTO and the convening of the APEC summit in Russia, Russia offers an unprecedented opportunity for the development and rise of a new round. Infrastructure construction will be raised in the first place in economic development. Increase investment in infrastructure construction will also contribute to the common development of the whole of Eastern Europe, at the same time will bring to China new opportunities for development. Russia is a great need for infrastructure equipment and material resources undoubtedly stimulates the development of Chinese enterprises.

Our company producing polyester fibers which are used in the textile industry in Russia, for example, they are used at the Russian enterprises manufacture of nonwoven fabrics; they are also used in road construction. Russian companies also use them in the manufacture of artificial fur for clothing, hats, and to fill the blankets, pillows and other textile industries.

We welcome companies from Russia and other Eastern European countries to discuss cooperation and create a better future.